Monday, January 2, 2017

A Day With Blogger: Samantha Nie

1)    Hello Samantha, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi! Of course, I was born and raised in NYC and even though I work full time as a consultant, what makes me happiest, is being able to share my style and fashion to hopefully inspire others.

2)    What inspired you to start your blog?
I graduated college a year earlier than I expected and was encouraged by friends to start a blog to share my fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice with them!

3)    Living in New York City, what trends are you most excited about for fall?
Layering! I think by the end of summer I start to really miss being able to wear long sleeves and articles of clothing such as vests and scarves on top, and really have fun mixing and matching with different things.

4)    What is a typical day for you?
There isn’t really a typical day for me which I LOVE. I think that that’s what keeps things interesting. 

5)    Many bloggers today solely blog for a living. What drives you to maintain a 9 to 5?
I love my job--I’m pretty analytical and my 9 to 5 allows me to do that, while being a blogger allows me to be more creative. They balance each other out, which is my favorite part.

6)    What are some of your favorite jewelry pieces? 
Oh that’s hard. Sometimes I love a good statement piece but usually I’m big on dainty jewelry. I love how simple and understated it is, and that way you can layer and stack them too!

7)    Where do you usually buy your jewelry from? 
All over the place. I don’t really have one place where I consistently buy jewelry from. It’s really whatever catches my eye..

"Wear what makes you feel confident. "

8)    What jewelry styling tips would you share with us?
Wear what makes you feel confident. The kind of jewelry and how you wear your jewelry is so subjective, and I always find that the way each person accessorizes is so unique and really shows a little of who they are.

9)    Last but not least, what are your future plans for your blog and life?
Good question! I have quite a few trips coming up this year so lots and lots of exciting things coming very soon.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

A day with fashion blogger: Kahlea Nicole

Meet fashion blogger, Kahlea Nicole. She embodies the classy and elegance of Tippy Taste. We are thrilled to have her here with us today, where she shares with us her love for jewelry and life. You can read more about her on her blog here

Photo from

"I’m a total nerd which many people don’t expect!"

1) Can you share with us a little about yourself?
I was born and raised in the countryside of Ohio and moved to the heart of Florida almost five years ago. Whew, time has flown by! I’m currently a full time college student planning to pursue my Bachelors and Masters at Rollins College of Business within the next year. I’m a total nerd which many people don’t expect! Next to being a student, I am a part time fashion blogger and model. I’m at such a great age in life where I have the opportunity to doing so many wonderful things at once, and I’m so grateful for that!

2) How did you first get into fashion blogging?
I’ve grown up always loving fashion and have journals and journals of design sketches. No shame to say that I was the middle school kid who always got busted for drawing in class, haha! The whole “idea” or “dream” of becoming a fashion blogger actually blossomed when I was taking my senior pictures with my now personal photographer and forever best friend. I just kept expressing how much I wanted a creative platform to express my absolute adoration for fashion and we threw out the idea, it stuck, and here I am now living my dream of having a career in it.

Photo from

"I’ve always wanted to be known as someone who is extremely classy and elegant"

3) How did you come about in developing your chic style?
I’ve always wanted to be known as someone who is extremely classy and elegant, which was where my style to represent that description came to life. Some of my fashion role models are woman like Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O, and Kate Middleton. Woman well renowned for their poise and grace. I want to be the woman that’s invited to work with Chanel or Fendi over Victoria Secret. Not that VS isn’t great (their undergarments are the bomb) but it’s just not the image I wanted to portray for myself personally! 

Photo from

"Jewerly is such a unique way to change up any outfit and add to it."

4) What are your favorite pieces of jewelry that you own?
My absolute favorite piece of jewelry that I own is my purity ring. It has three diamonds and melted down silver from numerous generations of family heirlooms, which makes it that much more beautiful and special to me. Next to that I have a Guess watch that I wear all the time, as well as several layering necklaces I’m always styling. It’s so hard to narrow down favorites, because each piece I adore for different reasons! Jewerly is such a unique way to change up any outfit and add to it. I’m pretty sure I have more pieces of jewelry in my closet than clothes, haha it’s bad!

5) Where do you usually buy your jewelry from?
I typically buy my jewelry from Forever 21 because I am always wanting and needing new pieces to change up the looks I’m styling. It’s hard to do this if I had to always buy more expensive accessories, so I stick to F21 since it’s affordable and always up to date with current trends!

"What really stands out to me about Tippy Taste though is that each piece that’s offered is so chic."

6) We noticed you have a thing for subscription boxes lately. From what you've seen so far could you share with us what stands out the most to you about Tippy Taste?
I do have a thing for them! How can you not?! They’ve got to be one of the best things life has to offer! What really stands out to me about Tippy Taste though is that each piece that’s offered is so chic. As I mentioned, my style is very classy and elegant and the pieces reflect that perfectly. I have trouble going through the shop page without adding nearly every piece into my cart! Forever 21 has always been my go to because it’s affordable, but it can get hard sometimes because I wish the pieces at least looked more expensive. With Tippy Taste pieces they look super expensive but are insanely affordable! Sign me up for three times a month!

Photo from

"I plan on one day launching my own clothing line, which is another reason I launched Kahlea Nicole. As a foundation for that childhood dream as well!"

7) Lastly, what are your future plans for your blog and life?
In regards to my blog I plan on continuing to expand its reach and within the next few months begin to really monetize it more and more. I want to get to the point where I basically do this as a living! I plan on one day launching my own clothing line, which is another reason I launched Kahlea Nicole. As a foundation for that childhood dream as well! I’m so blessed with how far I’ve gotten in just half a year, and so excited for what’s next. I know the best is yet to come!

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Thursday, September 15, 2016


Meet fashion blogger Rebecca Cobb from Thrifty Little Becca. Since her joining the Tippy Taste club, we have become a huge fan of her blog Thrifty Little Becca. With a cute smile and her fashion style, she post tips on how to use money and other resources wisely and not wastefully. Coming from the good'o South Carolina, we are thrilled to have her at Tippy Taste with us today.

Shot by Thrifty Little Becca

"I like to think of myself as the typical Southern Belle, with a modern twist."

I'd love to! Well, my name is Rebecca. I currently reside in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. Which, by the way, was just voted the #1 city in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine. I'm originally from Camden, South Carolina, which is the epitome of a "small town". I like to think of myself as the typical Southern Belle, with a modern twist. I'm a law student, dog mom, and avid supporter of affordable fashion. When I'm not in my law library, I'm either kayaking or napping... I'm a huge supporter of the afternoon nap! 

"There's something really powerful about embracing your personal style, and even more empowering when you can do it without breaking your budget."

I think fashion has always been a huge part of my life, but nothing I ever actively pursued. I love dressing up. I love buying new clothes! And I love expressing myself via my wardrobe. There's something really powerful about embracing your personal style, and even more empowering when you can do it without breaking your budget. I developed a real skill for seeking affordable trends... and slowly it became my hobby and one of my passions! I love sharing my love for fashion with others, and sharing how to maintain a trendy style and balance your budget. 

My style is essentially feminine, affordable, and trendy. I love flattering clothes that really accentuate my figure, and are really just fun to wear! I love floral, color, and clothes with a lot of movement. I love to pair my outfits with jewelry and accessories that add not only sparkle, but also dimension. The pieces are choose to wear are not only fun, but also add something to a look. I feel that a look isn't complete without the right bling! 

"My style is essentially feminine, affordable, and trendy."

Shot by Thrifty Little Becca

My absolute favorite piece of jewelry is actually one that I don't wear that often. For college graduation, my grandmother gave me a ring that was given to her from her mother. It's a gorgeous, simple, gold band with two petite diamonds! It's by far my most cherished piece. 
I have a mix of pieces that I collected overtime from vintage and consignment shops! I also enjoy purchasing classic, and expensive pieces that last forever. For example, I love Kendra Scott, Pandora, Tiffany's, and I'm currently saving for a David Yurman cuff! Other than that, I'm constantly looking to update my wardrobe with inexpensive costume pieces! I love have a high quantity of pieces that always keep my wardrobe new and exciting! 

Tippy Taste JewelryTippy Taste Jewelry subscription box

Absolutely not!!!! I will often buy a necklace, or a pair of earrings, and then base a whole outfit around it! I think if you appreciate style, you appreciate all the individual elements that go into creating a personal style... and of course that includes jewels! 

jewelry subscription box
Shot by Thrifty Little Becca

Yes yes yes! I'm a huge subscription box fan! Overall, I first look at my budget and what I'm willing to spend and where I'm at financially versus what I really want. I love boxes where you get a lot for the money! And, I especially enjoy boxes where there is an element of surprise! 

Well, like I mentioned before, I am in law school at the Charleston School of Law. In two years I'll be graduating and really focusing on taking the bar. In the meantime, I'm looking to expand my blog, and really use it as a tool for not only my personal enjoyment, but also to inspire other thrifty fashionistas to not break their budget in order to look cute! 

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What's the first thought that comes to mind when you think of Russia? spies, criminals, femme fatales? 

Well, we are about to find out! This summer our Tippy Taste team took a trip to Russia, Moscow. Our first thought when we arrived was, "wow, it's chilly." Although it was during summer but early morning and night the weather gets rather chilly. We couldn't wait to see what Moscow has to offer. 

Throughout the Cold War, Moscow used to be the capital of the "other" world, the home of lofty ideals and harsh realities. But Moscow's strange charm remains, carrying with it more history than one can imagine. 

Our short trip mostly consisted of visiting the grand architectures, Kremlin and breathtaking restaurants. All of which inspired us for our September collection. Enjoy!

Inspired by the gold and red combination, we handpicked this Svetlana bracelet below as it gives off a royal vibe.
Can you believe this majestic place is actually a restaurant? It's rococo interior with its magnificent center piece chandelier surely got us dazzled. We can definitely see some resemblance of the interior characteristics in our Anastasia drops.

Part of the famous Kremlin- who could resist the classic combination of black and gold? We surely couldn't, therefore we fell deeply in love with this Veronika necklace.

Hope you enjoyed our little trip here. We will end this post with a view of the Kremlin shot from our hotel room. Dobroy nochi! (Goodnight in Russian)



The month of June was very special because we made a trip across the globe to Asia. Our destinations were Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Therefore the pieces we selected incorporated characteristics of Asia culture and modern vibe.

This shot was taken in China, Wuxi. Sceneries in China looks like a painting. If you look at the far distance you will notice the modern architectures. It's like a contrast of the old and the new. Reminded us of how far our world has evolved.

This shot was taken at a temple in Taiwan. Taiwanese temple is magnificent, with years of history behind it. Some prominent colors used on this temple are red, blue, green and yellow. 

If you have been to Hong Kong, you know that Hong Kong is a very modern city filled with millions of people. Everyone is packed into tiny apartments. This view was taken at the popular Victoria harbor during day time. 

Below are the pieces in our June box:

First up are these beautiful marble cuff ring that reminded us of chinese porcelain. Delicate and fragile. The gold band adds a touch of modernization to these pieces. 

Next up were these pair of Royal Blue earrings. These selection was inspired by the temples we saw in Taiwan. The bold blue and gold color combination used reminded us of royalty. 

Third piece were these horn pendants. According to chinese legends, horns are one of the rarest things one can find in this world. Hence it is often considered a lucky charm. The horn pendant was one of our favorite piece because of the beautiful turquoise color. 

Last but not least are these pair of Bead Accent Fringe drops. The center piece is a cabochon cut hexagon stone that reflects whatever color dress you are wearing. The fringes reminded us of the crowns chinese emperors wear in the kingdom.  

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Photo Cred (Top left to right): @thehautepursuit, @itsnotmeitsher, @thedarkhorsejewellery, @ruegembon, @avecnewyork, @sarinasurianojewels

All things fur

This fall we have fallen in love with fur. Nothing better than a warm fur coat when the cold wind blows.

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